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What is Gallree?

Gallree is an online art gallery whose vision is to provide serious artists and discerning collectors with a thriving forum where they can meet and prosper.

For the artist, Gallree not only provides an elegant showplace for the art they've worked so hard to perfect, but also offers something that many just don’t have the time or proclivity for. Marketing. Gallree provides targeted marketing to a broad audience of potential art buyers: serious collectors, designers, architects, property management firms, and casual buyers. We apply field-tested strategies to the latest trends in online technologies to get work in front of global audiences who are only a few clicks away from a purchase.

How does Gallree work?

As with any successful gallery, we rely on the talent, diversity and credibility of the artists who exhibit to build a strong and active patronage. For its part, Gallree offers an elegant online venue and aggressive marketing support to targeted audiences across the web. For that reason, we adhere to a process that we feel insures artist and buyer satisfaction.

Here is that process:

  1. Submit 4 or more of your works for review.
    Our review committee, made up of Gallree staff as well as a selection of the artists currently exhibiting on the Gallree site will assess the work and the online application. Artist committee members are changed every 180 days to keep the selection process as fresh and the work as diversified as possible. In an effort to review only the most serious of exhibitors, there is a one-time $5.00 review fee covering the costs of the selection process. You will be notified by email of the committee’s decision.
  2. Begin showing and selling your work.
    Upon approval your personalized exhibitor's page will be launched and you will be provided with login information allowing you immediate access to your exclusive content administrator. Here, you can edit your profile information as well as upload and manage your works. Be sure to provide a description for each work uploaded being sure to be as detailed and complete as possible. There are three important considerations to keep in mind as you complete your information:
    1. Marketing. Website marketing is all about the site’s “content” or words. It is very important that you complete both the Artist’s Statement and Work Description fields as completely as possible. You are provided as much space as you need. It is this content that search engines are looking for, and the more relevant and detailed, the higher your page rankings.
    2. Work availability. You will be notified when a work has been sold through Gallree, and asked to confirm the work's availability, however it is important that you are diligent in correctly displaying your works availability to buyers. If a work(s) exhibited on the Gallree site is sold through a different venue, please be sure to remove the work from the site, or identify the piece(s) as "SOLD" or "NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE"
    3. Pricing. The pricing of your art could be the single most important factor in securing its sale, and many factors can be considered in determining what a realistic price should be. If you'd like information on how to price your work realistically, click here.
    Gallree will apply a 30% commission to all art exhibited on the site. For example, if your asking price is $500.00, it will appear on the Gallree site priced at $650.00. This markup covers the cost of curatorial/marketing efforts, maintenance of the website, recruiting new artists, as well as logistics.
  3. Package and ship to your buyer.
    When a buyer purchases a work of art, you will be notified by email or phone to confirm the work's availability. Once confirmed, you will be provided with buyer information and a FedEx shipping label to apply to the packaged art. The artist is responsible for the packaging and timely shipment of their art. The shipping cost presented online to the buyer will be calculated using the "Shipping Size" and "Shipping Weight " information that you enter for each exhibited piece of art. It is important that you estimate this information as accurately as possible. Any discrepancy between the shipping cost presented to the buyer on the Gallree site and the ACTUAL shipping cost will be reflected in the final payment.


    If the buyer decides to return the work within five days, it will be repackaged undamaged and shipped back to the artist within 10 days of its delivery at buyers expense. The buyers account will be reimbursed or credited for the full amount.

  4. Collect your payment.
    10 days after successful delivery of art, the sale is considered final. Checks will be mailed to Gallree exhibitors at the end of the final sale month.