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Amy Ning
Long Beach, CA

Artist's Profile
Disparity is at the heart of my work and with it exist its culprit. My interest lies in the ambiguity and the suggestion derived from this pair which I have come to explore through my paintings. The struggle to achieve balance between eastern and western cultures, which is my make up, has been my dilemma. The tension created engages my mind toward unusual perceptions in thought and vision to produce solutions unexpected. Art is my haven where I find that balance to be defined without boundaries. Being raised in Japan grounded my appreciation and attraction to shape focused, two-dimensional space as found in woodblock and ukiyoe art. I am influenced by the energy, wit and the cubist angles of Picasso and Klee. Having an airbrush background for many years, I seek subtle grades of color and texture through digital manipulation today. Concepts are drawn, then completed digitally - image is outputted as gyclee print on watercolor paper.