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Cities Weeping into the Violet Sea

I've been inspired by satellite images of Earth as the planet turns from day to dusk to night and the cities begin to light up. This is a mixed media piece because what appears to be mountains is made by using dried rose and peony petals (from my garden). A pearlized aqua powdered pigment is used in the top portion of this 14x11 painting; similarly I've used a luminescent violet powdered pigment in the lower reaches and the tops of the mountain ridges are dusted with copper and gold dust. It's a little fantastic, but also intriguing; not a "real" image of a particular portion of the Earth, yet it could be. I've made use of the thermal energy of the encaustic medium as it moves from its molten state to a solid one, fusing the paint with a heat lamp which I hold up for long periods of time, but I can control the heating and cooling with this technique -- much the way our planet was formed.

Media: Encaustic
Dimensions: 14" x 11" x 1"

Item #: 329
Price: $495.00

Gray Jacobik Cities Weeping into the Violet Sea, 2013
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