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Homage to Klimt

This encaustic painting makes use of reflective gold powdered pigment over red paint (right and left "sides"), the red bleeding through in random moments but adding a very interesting texture. The central area with it's variegations and almost-mosaic like divisions of colors, reminded me of some of the tile-like areas one sees in some of Klimt's most famous paintings, but moreover it's his palette that I've made use of here and thus the sense of homage I indicate with the title: gold, red, silver, blue, purple, teal, red. There's also a bit of a connection to "The Kiss" in the centralization of the figures in is, and the complexity in mine, as well as the U-shape of his composition. This is framed in a deep gold canvas floater frame, so that a black edge appears between the painting and the frame, setting this off dramatically. The inherent luminosity of the highly-pigmented beeswax strengthened with resin, and the gold reflective paint, makes this a dazzler.

Media: Encaustic
Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1"

Item #: 496
Price: $395.00

Gray Jacobik Homage to Klimt, 2013
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