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Jason Jeffers
St. Louis, MO

Artist's Profile
ARTIST STATEMENT: Abstraction in art depicts a departure from an accurate representation of reality that is slight, partial, or total. Abstract art is fashioned via an aesthetic language of color, form, and line to create a final composition which may or may not be extracted or concocted from visual references in the material world. Transformational Art, Visionary Art, or Mystical Expressionism is, in my view, a rapidly expanding genre of art that is an extension of the egoless aspect of the soul, or what I call "the zero-point Self." Painting transformationally is the process of going deeper within, transcending the egoic mind, and connecting with the supraconsciousness of the Source; the realm of the formless, timeless, eternal Now. Through The Art of Transformation oeuvre, our aim is to illuminate the esoteric, subtly infusing a variety of elements carrying a common thread between ancient mysticism and modern science. With each individual piece we begin with an intention to achieve a work of art that will, in the end, result in a metamorphic effect on the viewer. This effect is ethereal or "ether-real" and therefore impacts the subconscious mind or higher Self directly. The evolutionary impulse that each piece has on the viewer will be individualized and unique to that particular soul. In the A Sacred Universe series, the golden ratio phi is weaved throughout the art with conscious intent. However, even in the more abstract works of the collection, the golden mean of phi remains. Here it is not fashioned with intention, but subconsciously via an utter surrender to the natural, organic flow of the divinely creative, higher Self. I believe the key to painting transformationally is to acclimate your resonance to a heart-based frequency and allow the intelligent Universe to orchestrate matching vibrations. Upon entering this "zero-point state" or what some transformational artists call "the zone," you are in a thoughtless, tranquil, egoless place of stillness where a force greater than you controls your eyes, arms, hands, fingers, and allows the creation of a painting to manifest as if you are on automatic pilot. There is very little effort on your part in that afterward, you might swear that "the painting painted itself." This is indeed how I feel after painting each piece in this collection. Ergo, I cannot take credit for the work personally, as an egoic self, since I feel as if I've somehow transcended the "I" and connected to only what I can attempt to describe as an "endless sea of cosmic consciousness." Jason Lincoln Jeffers New York, New York November 11, 2007