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Jayne Morgan
Dunnellon, FL

Artist's Profile
George Bernard Shaw said, “You use a mirror of glass to see yourself, you use works of art to see your soul.” Growing up in South Florida, My environment from a young age featured seascapes, sea grass, shell filled shores and marshlands teeming with exotic flora, fauna, fish and birds. At a young age, my mother encouraged me to nurture my passion for art and started me on this long journey to fulfill my dream of creating my art. Artists see things in a different light; always looking for the beauty that will fascinate and inspire them. The eyes are wide with wonder. The gaze always searches for that special scene or moment in time; always searching for that image of perfection which will light up a face and stir the heart and soul. “As an artist I feel there is a tremendous satisfaction found in the creativity of any medium. Watercolor is as exciting as it challenging, because of the fluidity, translucency and freshness.” Jayne Morgan searches for her moments in time and beauty, trying to capture that exceptional light and atmosphere. A walk down a beach can bring a smile and happiness to one’s inner being with feeling and sensations that make it so great to be alive in this time of progress and wonder. “The subjects I return to most often are the Florida landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and oh those fascinating flowers. Masa paper, which I often use, offers a different and unique quality to my painting because of the exceptional texture one can design.” She feels an immediate gratification with the completion of a work of art, even before the paint dries. It is ready to face the world and to bring some joy to it she hopes. It’s a comfort when she is told how her work can not only light up a room but someone’s day. “I also enjoy the diversion of abstract, which allows for great freedom of expression. The technique that I use for abstract gave me the inspiration to adapt it to my clothing by adding vibrant colors and a lot of sparkle. It turned out to be a lot of fun.” Jayne finds a sense of accomplishment in every work of art she creates; it’s a feeling that never gets old. She appreciates the stories of clients and the compliments from others that have visited her works in galleries. Her heart can also be found inside that frame. “There is no greater reward than to receive recognition for something you have created from a sheet of paper and imagination.” She looks forward to whatever the future brings. Challenges are to be met head-on, and she can’t wait to get up in the morning and paint. The wild things are the beauties that make life worthwhile. Life passes much too rapidly for us not to stop and smell the flowers. Beauty cannot escape the soul. Beauty needs the soul. Beauty needs the soul as the soul craves exquisiteness. “Every piece of art I create is part of me, and I hope they are as inviting as a warm sunset. It’s the inner soul which drives artists to our creations.” Henry Ward Beicher: “Every artist dips his brush in his soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”