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Mike Sava
Netarts, OR

Artist's Profile
An ancient Inuit poem depicts our lives as a series of "huts and journeys" which lead to "the one great thing, the only thing, the light that fills the world". I just love this conceit, and feel a kinship with the author and the practitioners of this pared down notion of life's progressions. I've been incredibly fortunate to have spent a large portion of my 70 years journeying from hut to hut in the fabulous outdoor reaches of western North America. And, even more significantly, in being the recipient of visceral visual gifts that caused "the light" to bloom inside me, giving me the feeling of having stuck my finger into the electric current that supports life itself. The photographs that I offer here are ones that evoke in me that same startling shock of having again glimpsed "the light that fills the world". I hope they may have that same effect on you.