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Minute Circumference of a Single Brain

From a series of 'hard-edged abstracts', this painting incorporates areas of silver, turquoise, sapphire blue, magenta, orange, and lavender, with stripes of copper, red and midnight blue. The sphere in the center is bright red. The title comes from an Emily Dickinson poem #F-833 ("Pain--expands the Time--"). My primary focus while working on this, was the interplay of space: the push and pull through color, but also as areas and lines move under or above another color or shape (rectangles, circles, broken sphere, triangles). My hope is that it amounts to an interesting, integrated whole, one that is aesthetically pleasing, but also engaging. This is framed in a deep, modern walnut frame (from MetroFrame.com) that brings the final depth to 3 inches, but adds only a half-inch to the height and width.

Media: Acrylic Paintings
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 2"

Item #: 407
Price: $896.00

Gray Jacobik Minute Circumference of a Single Brain, 2013
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