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To Continents of Summer and Firmaments of Sun

This abstract floral painting suggests the summer garden and is paired with another painting of mine, Come See the Roses on the Moony Night. There's great complexity in the details of the flowers in particular, made through a process of infusing modeling paste with pigment, then painting over it, and when hard, sanding it down with a rotary sander until patterns of line and color emerge. I am interested in paintings that work both as viewed from a distance, and as viewed closer in, and with this painting, that balance is achieved. It is framed in a simple silver frame (wood) that adds 1-inch to the overall dimensions. Painted on MDF (maximum density fiber) board.

Media: Acrylic Paintings
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 1"

Item #: 416
Price: $796.00

Gray Jacobik To Continents of Summer and Firmaments of Sun, 2012
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