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Collector FAQs

When a purchase is made, the artist and buyer are immediately notified and confirmation that the artwork is available is obtained. Once confirmed, the artwork is shipped directly to the buyer address. The buyer has seven days to return the artwork, after which the sale is considered final.
All artists submit original artwork for sale, however artists also offer prints and other reproductions.
Shipping costs on this website are calculated based on size and weight information provided by the artist. The buyer pays for shipping costs. Unless otherwise directed by the artist, FedEx Ground facilitates shipments.
Time of shipments may vary depending on distance between the buyer and artist. Buyer will be provided with online FedEx tracking information on all standard purchases.
If possible, packages should be opened at the time of delivery and any damages reported to the driver. If your purchase arrives damaged as a result of shipping, please contact us immediately at info@gallree.com, and place the damaged artwork back in its original packaging. We will arrange for pickup and will refund all charges to your account.
Yes, buyers have seven days from the day of delivery to return undamaged artwork in its original packaging to the artist. If the buyer returns artwork, they must contact Gallree immediately at info@gallree.com so that we can alert the artist. The buyer is responsible for return shipping charges, however a full refund will be made for the artwork and initial shipping. After seven days in the buyer’s possession, the sale is considered final.
Yes, artists welcome “Positive Feedback” on their work, which you can provide by commenting on their profile pages.
Yes, Gallree is happy to contact artists about commissioning art for buyers. Email us at info@gallree.com and we’ll get the ball rolling.