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"First Morning Birdsong"

My paintings bring the landscape indoors. They become windows that peer deeply into space beyond their four edges. I love to see open, breathing, moving space create entry way inside the picture plane of the flat surface of canvas. Breathing life onto the canvas enables the painting’s depth. One is invited to enter through the architectural construction of the painting and be moved by it. My paintings come from the things around me that I see and feel, such as ancient mountains, (the Holyoke range formed by glaciers), the cast shadows of fast moving clouds on these mountains, the open hayfields where I live, and memories of shapes and colors that rise up unexpectedly from places where I have traveled. It is how colors relate that always guides me. My color combinations reflect the seasons. My painting is ‘edited memory’ of some one event based on a visual experience, combined with life experience.

Media: Oil Paintings
Dimensions: 31" x 41" x 1"

Item #: 909
Price: $3,250.00

Lorna Ritz "First Morning Birdsong"
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