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This is what happens when a strong surf, thundering in from the west, is met by an even stronger wind howling in from the east; the massive wall of spray produced shoots straight up high in the air. The huge amount of energy resulting would probably light a small village if it could be captured and utilized. Thankfully, it can’t. We humans already hijack enough of Earth’s energy. I made this photo black and white, and put in plenty of digital noise, to emphasize the utter cacophony of this natural event. I am currently using HP Premium Photo Plus Soft Gloss Inkjet 80 lb paper. This helps keep costs down, while being a substantial, high-quality paper. Other sizes, other paper, matted, matted and framed, are all available on request.

Media: Photography
Dimensions: 10" x 8" x 1"

Item #: 1101
Price: $65.00

Mike Sava SURF'S UP, 2014
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