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Caprices of the Atmosphere

This 24x24 inch, square-format abstract acrylic painting was painting with the intention of getting a sense of dynamic energy into a work. I remember squirting, dribbling, splashing, pouring, adding more water, drying, then painting over again, trying to push the medium of fluid acrylic as much as I could while still maintaining a sense of action and of a composition that worked. I love the color turquoise and its deeper shades of thalo blue, aquamarine, and those dominate here, but also cobalt and midnight blue make an appearance, as does crimson, pink, and flashes of white and silver.

Media: Acrylic Paintings
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 1"

Item #: 486
Price: $796.00

Gray Jacobik Caprices of the Atmosphere, 2012
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