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In Dreams Begin Responsibilities

The acrylic abstract is painted on canvas to which I've applied real copper paint. I've used graphite and powdered pigment as well as fluid acrylics. The result is highly colorful and varied, with a raised texture in places and a sense of dramatic energy, particularly as the red that moves from the lower central part of the painting moves up with force to the upper right corner. The entire work is sealed with clear polyacrylic, so all is stable and archival. I've brushed, poured, raked, dribbled, squirted, etc., to achieve a dynamic and intricate surface. It is professionally framed in a 3-inch deep walnut frame which adds 1-inch the the width and height and 3 inches to the depth.

Media: Acrylic Paintings
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 1"

Item #: 412
Price: $896.00

Gray Jacobik In Dreams Begin Responsibilities, 2013
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