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Fan Me With a Sea Fan Please

The pattern in turquoise on the left was made with a doily and I've used rubber stamp patterns in center and lower left. This is a small encaustic painting: painted in highly-pigmented pharmaceutical-grade beeswax that's combined with damar resin. The resin makes the surface impermeable and hard once cooled. That's the other thing about encaustic: one paints hot (175 degrees F). Painting this way allows me to build up layers of colors and to manipulate the surface in such a way that intricate lines and swirls and other eddies of color become possible, in effect, not just mimicking the natural processes, but actually using the same forces (liquid to solid state, thermal and air currents, etc.) nature uses. I've embossed the surface here, adding additional color. Other markings are made with silicon stencils, so the surface is highly textured, and some of the uppermost edges of shapes are tipped with a pearlized blue-gold powdered pigment "dust" -- just to add a touch of added sheen. This is framed in a gold canvas floater frame (wood) which adds 1-inch on all sides (with frame, 10x10x1.5)

Media: Encaustic
Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1"

Item #: 404
Price: $224.00

Gray Jacobik Fan Me With a Sea Fan Please, 2013
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