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Garnet to Garnet, Gold to Gold

This 24x24 inch abstract acrylic painting is painted on MDF (maximum density fiber) board, but "painted" is probably not the best word to describe the complex process I've evolved of applying paint and various polyacrylic medium (such as matte gels and molding paste), then, after creating lines with various tools (such as combs, folks, rakes, etching and sculpting tools), and painting over that, I take my rotary sander and sand down through the layers, exposing various striations. I may go through this process ten to twenty times, sometimes only one small corner of the painting remains when I've painted over it again and sanded it down. When a pleasing whole emerges, finally, one that is both interesting and beautiful (to my eye!) in equal measure, then I let it be. This painting is especially rich in its color contrasts -- the gold and russet -- the aqua and midnight blues -- the pink and lavender. It will stand up to long and repeated looking and endless acts of visual discovery. I'll be glad to supply more detailed images of portions if a prospective client wishes to see some of the great complexity of this piece.

Media: Acrylic Paintings
Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 1"

Item #: 488
Price: $995.00

Gray Jacobik Garnet to Garnet, Gold to Gold, 2012
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